Balloon Glow

I went to the Nebraska Balloon and Wine Festival to try to capture the "glow" - that moment when all the hot air balloons fire up their flames at the same time in the evening.  It's a nice photo opportunity, if the weather is right!


I was surprised by the people at the event, thousands of people on a nice Saturday night.  The Wine portion of the event was a bit underwhelming (there appeared to be more beer than wine), but that didn't stop people from enjoying the festival. 


When the time came for the balloon glow portion of the evening, the wind conditions were a bit too much for most of the balloonists to fill their balloons.  Of the dozen or so balloons, only about five were able to fill the balloon and achieve a glow.  For a while, we got some interesting photos of one or two balloons glowing while the others remained dark.


Overall, it was a nice event, a bit understaffed with long lines to get in and not really any organized parking.  A beautiful night with some nice photo opportunities.