Ice-mageddon 2017

For days the weather forecasters called for ice - massive amounts of ice.  For the first time in six years, Omaha had its first Ice Warning (yes there is such a thing)..

To be completely fair, we did get some serious ice conditions Sunday night into Monday morning, and I would say Monday morning the driveways and side roads were pretty bad.  What made it worse was the light rain that fell on the layer of ice that was already on the ground.  It was slippery beyond belief.

But the temps stayed couple degrees higher than anticipated and the ice began melting to the point that by mid afternoon Monday our drive and side street were clear of all ice.

While it would be easy to dog the forecasters for over hyping the storm, and calling off schools on Tuesday might have been a bit premature, the storm did cause some problems - we have a family friend with in the hospital with severe head trauma due to a fall. 

Mary Beth and I stayed in for most of the storm - other than to get these photos.  The storm dragged on for 24 hours. We kind of felt the storm was a slow agony, not really knowing what and when to expect something to happen.  We had visions of cars sliding, trees crashing, power outages, but fortunately we had none of that.  

Now, on to the rest of the winter ... although today the temperatures will hit 50 degrees!