Lonely afternoon

Nebraska played what might have been the worst team ever to show up at Memorial Stadium Saturday.  I jokingly had told some people that if the score wasn't 35-0 at halftime, the team would be booed off the field.  The actual score after one quarter was 35-0, that's how bad the opposing team was. The final score was 73-7, so unless you wanted to get photos of the fourth team lineman making a tackle, there was not going to be too much to shoot at the game.

I decided to get some "crowd" shots early.  I found this couple, all alone up in the stands, right after the gates opened to the public 90 minutes before the game.  They were all alone except for the names of former Huskers printed on the wall.

Next week, Big Ten conference action starts with a late night game in Lincoln.  We will have a wild crowd, new uniforms, and some real action.  I am looking forward to that!