Dying, not drying, in the field

If you have been reading the papers, you might know it has been a long, hot, and very dry summer in the Midwest.  While I mainly shoot sporting events, I knew there would be a lot of national coverage regarding the drought in the midwest and its effect on the crops, mainly corn, in the fields.

On a recent Saturday morning, very early, I headed to some back road to take pictures of ... get this ... dying corn crops.  I found quite a few, it isn't difficult with the drought locations, and sent them up to my agency, ZUMA.

Who would believe, but a week ago, I saw a photo of corn crops in a Wall Street Journal article on Cargill, who was commenting on the drought's impact on the company's earning.  The credit on the photo was for ZUMA press, and when I check my files, sure enough, it was one of mine (the one on top). Now, not only have I made the sports pages, but I have also made the business pages.

Below is another photo from the shoot.