Mister, take my picture

I walked a parade route during a Fourth of July parade.  The streets were lined with families with children who all wanted candy.  Just about every float or parade entry had candy to pass out to children on the parade route.  Kids walked away with more candy than Halloween!

I carried my camera and was surprised by the number of people who kept yelling at me, "Mister, take my picture."  Did they ever expect to see the pictures? Random guy walks by, take a picture, and is gone. When will the kid every see it?

I did get some nice photos.  I like the one above of this child.  The plastic bag is for collecting candy from people on the float.  His bag was about full.  He asked me to take his picture, and as soon as I brought the camera to my eye ... he put his fingers in his ears and stuck out his tongue!  Little did he realize he would be seen by the millions(?) who read this! 

Here are a couple more: