Back and forth

I had the opportunity to shoot a swim meet this week.  Not just any swim meet, but the US Olympic Trials meet that was held in Omaha.  The featured mens swimmers were Michael Phelphs and Ryan Lochte, and they certainly did not disappoint the fans with their performances.

Shooting the event was an interesting experience.  First, my access wasn't all that great, I had only access to high locations, I was not allowed on the deck or in the seats near the deck.  So, I made the best with what I was given.  In a lot of sports, you have to anticipate the action, in swimming, you know where they will start, where they will go, and where they will finish.  I soon learned the cleanest shots were immediately after the start of the race when the water is smoothest, once the swimmers get going, the water is choppy and there is spray all around.

On this photo of Michael Phelps, I captured him just as he was coming to the surface after the start.  I like how the water seems to hang onto him as he comes out of the water.

I am done with my three weeks of shooting the College World Series and the Swim Trials.  Time for a rest!