If finally snowed...

The talk has been how long it has been since it snow (300 days, breaking all records) and how dry it has been, but no more.  Now the talk is about the damage the storm caused.  The storm was by no means a record breaker, 6-9 inches of snow with 35-50 mph winds.  A good storm, but we have had worse.  But for some reason, the heavy wet snow at the start, the time between storms, the closeness to the holidays, whatever, this storm paralyzed the city for a day.

For us, we lost power from midnight, through the day, and we received a call from a neighbor who spotted our lights on at 8 am the next day (we had headed someplace warm for the night).  Neighbor?  Yes, a neighbor called us.  Our side of the street was without power, the other side had power.  Sometimes we catch all the breaks!

When the storm was over, power was restored, and I could get out, it really turned out to be a nice snow.  This photo is from a tree in our back yard.  I like how the snow combines with the berries on the tree.

Merry Christmas.