Red, White, and Blue

I have been shooting some Creighton basketball games this year. The team has hovered around the Top 25 all year, in part due to its standout sophomore, Doug McDermott who just happens (?) to be the son of the coach, Greg McDermott.

In every game, I try to include photos of the coaches, and since Doug is the star player on the team, I certainly want photos of him as well.  I want unique photos, in addition to the basic game action photo. 

I captured a couple nice photos at a recent game.  I was on one end of the floor at the start of the game where the teams come together for a handshake at center court.  Doug was walking toward me, in his pregame sweats, and I captured him was the color guard passed behind him.  So I have a All-American candidate with the Red-White-and Blue behind him.

I also got a photo of both McDermotts standing together on the sidelines.  I have been waiting for this photo all season and finally got one of the two of them during the game.