And the next thing I saw ...

And the next thing I saw was ... a big football player looking down and saying "Hey, you all right?" and looking and seeing camera parts, from my camera, all over the ground!

Third and goal at the four, third quarter, Martinez hands off to Burkhead who runs wide to the left and he is pushed out of bounds short of the first down, and right into me!  I am on about the three yard line, shooting the action with my D90 body and 80-200 mm lens.  I am capturing the action, and then I WAS the action as I tumbled on my back and as camera hit the ground.

I was shooting from my knees, so really I just fell backwards.  I am not sure how the camera came out of my hands, but when I looked around, the camera body was separated from the lens, and a bunch of small pieces were on the ground behind me. I was fine except for a bruised ego!  Some other photographers made sure I was okay (I was) and I picked up a bunch of pieces wondering how the jigsaw puzzle would go back together.

Today, I was able to determine because parts of the body mounting were on the lens that the lens snapped off the body.  I was able to take the mount off from the lens and the lens looks okay, hopefully.  As for the camera body, not so good.  I will head to the camera store on Monday and hope that possible it can be sent in for repairs.  With games next Friday and Saturday, I am in need for a new camera body on short notice.  I think I know I will be spending some time on Labor Day checking out used camera bodies on-line with the hope of getting one in my hands before the end of the week.

Looks like this past weekend might turn out to be an expensive weekend, but then again, I was wanting to upgrade my camera bodies!