What is everyone looking at?

They should be looking at this runner!  Not some runner behind her.  Of course, I might be biased since this runner just so happens to be my niece, Carolyn, who was running in her first collegiate cross country meet this past weekend at the University of Nebraska's cross country meet.  Carolyn runs for Emporia State and she began school there a few weeks ago.

My daughter, Betsy, and I ventured out to the meet, and of course, I brought along my camera for some snaps.  I quickly learned the cross country runners don't like to be photographed during or immediately after the race because they do put forth a lot of energy during the race, and they might not be captured looking their finest at these times.  Of course, that is exactly why you photograph them during and right after the meet, so you can get the emotion of the moment. 

So, big kudos to my niece, and a big thanks for the invitation to watch.  Click on this link for more photos of the Carolyn and the Emporia team.  My apologies for the teammates I didn't capture - but then again, they are probably glad I missed them!