The Winner Takes it All

Congratulations to JJ Killeen for winning the 2011 Cox Classic held this week in Omaha.  For JJ, this was his second win in a row after winning last week in Utah.  This win was also special since last year, JJ had to leave this event after the first round because his wife went into labor and he rushed home for the delivery of his girl.  This week, wife and baby were with Dad as he won.

I was out on the course all week, and did a couple promo shots for the Cox Classic, Tuesday at a hospital with four of the golfers (including JJ), and Wednesday night at a baseball game where one of the golfers threw out the first pitch.

You hear about athletes and wonder how "real" they are.  I ran into each of the four golfers who went to the hospital later in the week and each one remembered me from that trip.  As I was walking with JJ today to get some photos with the trophy, I reintroduced myself again and he looked at me, smiled, and said, "Georgia Tech, right?"  We had been talking about colleges on the trip - JJ is a big TCU fan!

I have more work on the photos, but wanted to share a few more below.  I tried something new this week, an action called "burst" that adds some pop to the pictures.  It doesn't always work well, but when it does, it really works well.  This first one below used the new action.