Street Scenes - Homeland Security Water Fountain

With every photo, I believe, there is a story.  Often, the photo is better than the story.  In this case, the story might just be better than the photo.  You can be the judge.

In my walking around downtown, I was struck by the water display just outside a local bank building.  I figured, on a good day, with a clear sky, and the weather not too windy, this might be a nice image to try to capture.  One day, the conditions appears to be right, so I headed out and walked to the location, about six blocks from work. 

The water shoots out a different heights and frequency on a time rotation, so I figured I would set the camera up on a tripod, wait for the right display of water, and take some images.  I was careful to set the tripod up on the public sidewalk, I did not want to trespass on the grounds of the bank property.  After I had been there a few minutes, a police officer in a Segway came up the street in my direction and stopped in front of me.  He mentioned that the bank building in the background was part of some Homeland Security list of building not to be photographed, and he was very apologetic and asked if I would stop taking photos. 

When I explained I was actually taking photos of the water fountain, he suggested possibly I could go on the other side of the fountain and take photos in the direction away from the bank building.  I asked if it would okay if I did that since I would then be on the bank property and the officer said he didn't think that would be a problem!  So, as he segwyed away, I moved my tripod and camera on the other side of the fountain, set up, and waited for the water to start shooting up.

As I was about finished, I saw the Segway Officer approaching again.  He was very apologetic, and said he needed to ask me to stop again, and perhaps I might want to call the bank's communication director for permission the take photos of the fountain. (Quick side note, on last year's Photo Walk, about 50 photographers combed every inch of the fountain taking photos - no Seqway Officer appeared at that time).  Again, not wanting to make waves, and I had the images I wanted anyway, I closed up shop for the day, and headed back to my office.

Apparently, what had happened, a security officer inside the bank saw me taking photos, called the police and that prompted the first encounter.  When I relocated, the security officer again called the police, which prompted the second encounter.  Why the security officer in the bank didn't come out himself to talk with me, I will never know.

So, here is the image that caused the encounter, and a couple more below, including an image from the other side of the fountain!

Oh, and one more side note, I Googled the term for the bank tower and found there were over 2.75 Million, yes million, images with a tag for the tower.  I think posting a couple more won't hurt anything!