Street Scenes - Food Court

I have a bit of time of my hands during the College World Series.  Baseball is not known for its fast paced actions. With the national television coverage, there is plenty of time between innings that we have to do something to pass the time.

I decided to try to do something I have seen done in other places.  I wanted to capture motion in a single frame - a concept that seems to contradict itself.  Here is how it is done.  If the shutter speed is slow enough, and there is some movement in the photo, than you might capture a image that has some movement that shows up as blurring items in the image.

For the photo above, I went up on the concourse of the ballpark by the food court area. I figured I would be able to capture both an image that is stationary, the food display, and images that show movement, the people walking.  I was able to slow the shutter speed down to 1/20 of a second and still not blur the background.  The aperture was set to f16 which gave me good depth.  Normally, I wouldn't be able to hold the camera steady enough for the image to be clear at this low shutter speed, so I shot a burst of about 10 images one after the other.  I figures a couple things would occur, some of the images would be sharp enough, and I would get plenty of different types of movement as people walked by.

The result was the image above with the people in the front of the image walking on the concourse showing the motion, and the people at the food stand not moving.

It was something to try during the slow action on the field.