Life is the Pits

For these guys, life really is the pits!  That is where they spend their Sundays during NASCAR season.

This is one of my favorite shots from last weekend's NASCAR race in Kansas City.  It was taken moments after Jeff Gordon's car exited the pit and headed back on the track.  The guy in white is a track official who monitors all the activities during the pit stop.  The other two guys are from the pit crew and they are heading back "over the wall" to await the next pit stop. Notice the lug nuts from the tire on the ground by the official's feet!  When the pit area clears, a pit crew member goes out and picks them up.

You can tell by the photo that I am close to the action, actually I am in the next pit area which was not used during the race so photographers and others could stand there during the race.  I spent about the last half hour of the race in this area and got some good shots of both the action on the track and the action in the pits.  I spent the last half hour there because I was too tired to go anywhere else.  It was about 98 degrees out, and a lot warmer on the track.

I got to the track a couple hours early and asked some experts where the best places to shoot might be.  I spent most of the time on the inside of the track which is where the media center was located.  There is a pedestrian walkway under the track by turn one so after about the first hour of the race, I used that walkway to go over to the grandstand area where I went up on the roof to get a few shots.  I also took some photos close to the track on a walkway between the grandstand and the track.

Then I went back to the inside area and hung out in the pits.  I moved to the center of the pit area when the race finished to get the shots of the winner doing his burnout and then headed to Victory Lane to get some winner shots.

The race lasted almost 3 hours, I took about 1500 images and sent about 60 up to Southcreek Global. Probably 10 of those 60 images came after the race was over!  I looked at shots on and from the race, and the shots they used were also taken after the race, the same shots I took. So, for three hours, I walked all over taking photos, and the money shots are all taken after the race was completed.  Go figure.

Below are a couple more "life is the pits" shots from pit row.  Also, check out this gallery of some other photos from the event.