Street Scenes - Creighton Prep's Baseball Field

I covered a couple baseball games Monday night, arriving at the second game too late for any action shots, I had already lost most of the light.  I was there primarily to take a championship photo of the winning team, but I decided to try to capture some scenes of the stadium as the light was fading.

Creighton Prep opened this stadium a couple year ago and it is quite an upgrade from when Micah played there in the early 2000's.  The cover photo, and the one below, were both taken from the third base side of the field and I was shooting towards the west.  The artificial lighting on the building, the green from the field, and the natural light of the background make for a nice image.

On the image below, I pulled back a bit on the lens (my 18-200 mm lens) to bring in the lighting structure down the first base line.  I am trying to determine which one I like better, the image with or without the light from the lighting structure. Let me know what you think.