Finally, some color

The snow is gone and some color is appearing on the ground.  In this picture, the color is not all real, I can thank some HDR action to bring out more color than what actually appears to the eye.  Even still, it beats white snow!

The picture is of the Holy Family Shrine located in Gretna, Nebraska.  You can see it on a hill just off the interstate between Omaha and Lincoln. The story behind the building of the shrine is pretty impressive, and the shrine itself is a thing of beauty!  I stopped by the shrine recently on a sunny day and took a few photos.  Having some fun with some software I have, I worked on changing the image. (I might say 'improving' the image, but these type of changes bring out all sorts of reactions from viewers.)

Spring is finally (almost) here, and flowers are blooming everywhere.  Now, I have to find a block together to get some great pictures.