I never know when a photo opportunity will come up.  I went to a basketball game and a halftime show breaks out!  Actually, at most high school basketball games, the dance squads from the schools do a short performance during the half time of the game.

At the state tournament this past week, the dance squads performed, but for one school, instead of a routine involving 8-12 girls performing to dance music, two dozen girls came out in uniforms and large balls.  For the next two minutes, a wonderfully choreographed performance delighted the crowd.  They did very little in the way of stunts, just a good routine involving tossing balls in the air, or bouncing them on the floor.  It was truly one of those "you had to see it" routines to know how well it was done.

I usually try to get some shots of the halftime show, I have found parents of the dance teams like to see photos of their girls as much as the parents of the players like to see photos of their children.  This is one of the photos I captured as the squad was coming directly at me and tossed thier balls in the air.  What you can't see is the girls to the left, and girls to the right in the photo.

I had my 24-70mm lens on my D90 body for this photo.  I needed the wide angle exposure, and probably could have used more.