Storm the Court!

My first assignment with Southcreek Global, and I almost get trampled!

I have been working to get my photography work certified by Southcreek Global Media so I can take photos for them at local sporting events.  My first event was Saturday at the Nebraska / Texas basketball game in Lincoln.  If you read the news, you know Nebraska pulled off the shocker of the day by upsetting the third-ranked Longhorns 70-67, and afterwards, the students stormed the court.

Where am I?  On the court, with my photography gear trying to decide how not to get trampled at the same time trying to get some shots off!  Right before the final horn sounded, I moved to a position just in front of the basket (my protection) and for the most part the crowd moved around me.  I got this shot, and a couple more off, before I headed to the corner of the stands and took some "overhead" shots.  Then I moved back on court to get some shots of the players leaving the court.

The place was loud, the place was hot! What an adventure.  I had to hustle home to process my photos and upload them to the agency. I certainly need to work on that process, it took over three hours to find and process 41 good photos to send to Southcreek.

It was great first start on a new assignment.  This game will be hard to top.