In the dark

On of the injustices of shooting sports at the college level is the priority given to television camera crews over still photographers - at least in my opinion!  At most events I shoot on the college level, the games are televised.  The camera crews have much fuller access to the fields and the sidelines than I do with my camera. Of course, they pay the bills, not me.

In this photo, taken right before the start of a Creighton basketball game, I am underneath the basket by the Creighton bench as the team huddles in the dark and the fans start cheering.  As I was taking photos, a video camera man began walking all around the team (or course right in front of my) blocking my view and my shots.  I silently cursed the guy out as I took my photos.  Only  after the game did I realize I had taken the shot above, seemingly unobstructed by the camera man.

If fact, he is in the photo, on the right hand side if you look closely. You can see his dark legs. But I got a relatively clean shot with a cool reflection. I will have to work harder next time to get the entire teams' reflection in the shot, but this turned out well.