All Stretched Out!

Above is an image from Saturday's Nebraska game against Michigan State.  The Nebraska player, receiver Kenny Bell, is stretching out to get all the yardage he can on the play.  He is horizontal to the ground and completely air born.  I took the shot from the end zone.

Below is an image Southcreek Global ran on their home page Sunday.  Each day Southcreek Global has a number of images scrolling on their home page.  On Sundays, they usually run some images from Saturday football games, and these are generally replaced on Monday by NFL games photos from Sunday.  So, to catch my image, I need to look on Sundays (which, of course, I do).  I have had a number of my images appear on their home page throughout the year.

What is interesting about their image is that it is from the same play as the image above (notice the Nebraska player has the same number in both images).  So, while I liked the image above, they liked the image below.

Actually, I like them both!