Different look at football

It's not too often something pops out of the blue when I am taking photos.  But today, something did!

We got a treat, thanks to MB's sister and husband when we got an opportunity to tour the training facilities at the University of Nebraska.  As with any big time collegiate sports program, the training facilities are simply amazing. But something in the entryway to the Tom and Nancy Osborne Athletic Complex caught my eye.

You can read about it in a lot of detail here, but short version is that artist Mike Sullivan was commissioned to create a tile mosaic depicting Nebraska football a few years back.  He created a 616 square tile mosaic of Nebraska's Memorial Stadium on a football Saturday.  I took a photo of a couple portions of the artwork and then ran it through an HDR technique given to me by a friend.  The result is stunning!

Interestingly, I brought my camera because we were headed to a basketball game.  I never snapped the shutter during the game.  After capturing this, I was through for the day.

Below are a couple before and after shots of portions of the tile.