Tribute on 9/11 - KU Football Style

We went to a football game Saturday - and saw a better tribute to 9/11 than a football game!

Actually the game was okay, the result wasn't what I wanted.

Georgia Tech announced a home and home series with Kansas a few years back and I have been waiting for the game at Kansas so we could go watch Tech play in person.  Last year, Tech was really good, and Kansas ended the year really badly.  Tech won it's first game this year, Kansas lost poorly.  So, it was certainly in the cards for Tech to play well and win ... okay, that didn't happen and we won't write about it.

But we did see a really good tribute at halftime.  From our seats, we could see a long line of people lining up outside of the stadium as halftime was approaching.  We had already had a tribute before the game in honor of 9/11 with a fly-over.  I could tell the people outside the stadium were carrying a flag, and it didn't take too much to guess the group would roll out a flag a halftime.

I didn't bring one of my SLR cameras to the game because I couldn't get a good answer from the school whether I would be allowed in the stadium with my camera (turns out I could) so I brought the Coolpix S550.  The home page picture, and the pictures below were shot during the halftime.

Kudos to KU for a very good 9/11 tribute. We talked with one of the flag holders after the game and they had only practiced the night before.  There are people all around the perimeter and under the flag while it was stretched across the field.