New Hampshire Colors (?)

We visited New Hampshire last week and without question, the White Mountains are one of most beautiful places on the earth! The beauty the White Mountains are know for, though, is probably a month from now when the leaves turn and the colors in the mountains are at their peak. But, we were there at the peak of the summer season, not the peak of the color season.

So, how do I show the beauty without the fall colors?  How about taking the color out altogether!

The home page photo is an example, I believe, where sometimes black and white photos are better than color photos.  You can see side-by-side below the picture in color and in black and white. The water is Profile Lake, and, as you can see it is very well named.  The reflection of the steep land is breathtaking when the wind is calm, the lake is still, and the skies are clear.  Even more breathtaking when the colors are in season, and when they are this would be a great color shot.  But with the leaves in summer form, the impact doesn't seem as good.  So I made the picture a black and white shot.  I really like the effect.

Oh, and the photo to the left? That's a pictue of the church in town.  I did some special processing on the photo, thanks to some help from my friend Ruth.  The photo is processed in HDR.  Click on the link to see what that means.  In some cases, HDR really makes a photo pop, like in this case.

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