Rainy Day at the CWS

The College World Series is in town for the next few days.  Usually, that means good weather and good baseball.  But this year, the last year the games are being played at Rosenblatt Stadium, the Rosenblatt gods may be striking back.  Last year, the city decided to build a new stadium to be the home for the College World Series for the next 25 years.  Rosenblatt has been the home since 1950 and this is the last year.  The decision to move was not popular, and now some people think the weather we are having is the stadium's way of showing what it thinks of the new stadium!

We went to the game expecting to see Oklahoma play South Carolina.  Instead, we watched three hours of rain, or at least three hours of waiting for rain.

It did rain, but the crowd, as our crowds always do, was extremely patient.  Especially this guy.  During the entire time, he didn't move.  He paid for the seat, he wasn't going to leave!  He did provide me with just about my only photo opportunity of the day.  A lonely shot in the rain.  You can even see the rain falling all around (and on top of him).  This picture pretty much spells out the day for those of us who hoped to watch a good game in good weather!

Here he is in a couple more shots below: