I read that blowing bubbles has replaced throwing rice as the treatment of choice for the new bride and groom as they leave the church. According to wedding sites, bubbles are used since they are non-toxic and non-messy.  What bubbles do is make the wedding shot of the bride and groom leaving the church a little more interesting. At the end of the day, I guess you just leave them in the picture and hope everyone knows why they are there!

Our friends Madi and Corey were married in Grinnell, Iowa this weekend and I had the opportunity to take a few wedding-type pictures.  Not an easy task, particularly the indoor shots.  The chapel was beautiful, but dark without much light.  And you should not use flash inside the church during the ceremony.  I am still working on some of the shots, maybe for use in a later post.  For now, this shot is an early favorite as Corey and Madi leave the church.

Below are a couple more outdoor shots from the church and one from the reception.  Also, I said it was a beautiful chapel.  I included a couple pictures of the stained glass inside the chapel.