Calendar photo - Cedar Waxwing

Last year, we came home one afternoon and I saw a couple birds eating the berries in one of our trees.  I ran and grabbed my camera to see what kind of shot I could get.  I got my longest and fastest lens, went outside, and got as close to the tree as I could, and snapped away.

I didn't know what kind of bird this was, but had some help from a friend who immediately identified the bird as a cedar waxwing, known for their distinctive yellow tipped tail. I posted this shot in an online forum I take part in, and a couple people sent in photos that just knocked the socks off this picture.  Just goes to show there is still, and always, room for improvement!

We have set up a couple bird feeders around the house, with plans for another.  We are getting all kinds of pretty birds, and some morning I will get up at dawn, sit outside for a while, as see what kinds of bird shots I can get. If they come out good, you will likely see them here.

I used my 80-200mm lens pushed to 200mm, the aperture was f2.8, the shutter was 1/400 seconds, and the ISO was 200.