February Calendar Picture - Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

During the 2008 Presdential election, a lot was made out of Governor Sarah Palin's efforts to stop some "Bridge to Nowhere" from being built in Alaska with federal funds.  At the same time, Nebraska and Iowa were building their own version of the Bridge to Nowhere.

You can read all about the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge by clicking on the link, but the article doesn't really do justice to all the talk that was going on at the time the bridge was built. On the Nebraska side, the bridge opens onto a set of condos and not much else.  On the Iowa side, the bridge opens to, well, even less than is on the Nebraska side.  There are big development plans on both side, but for now, there is a walking bridge.

I was among the sceptics who wondered what good the bridge could do, especially at a cost of over $20 Million.  But I have changed my mind over the past year.  The bridge is nothing short of spectacular, and I have been there a number of times at all times of the day and have always seen people coming and going on the bridge.

This picture was taken in early 2009 for an assignment on "night" photography.  One clear and calm night, I dragged my son, Bill, with me downtown to take this picture.  We waited a while for the skies to get dark, and we wondered around to find just the right place to take the picture.  We ended up about a quarter mile north of the bridge on a walking path.  I set up my tripod and adjusted the settings so that the picture would come out just right.  I ended up shooting in manual mode with my 18-200 lens set at 18mm, the shutter speed was .769 seconds (1.3 on the settings), the aperture was f9.0, and the ISO was set to 640.

I like the reflection on the river, thankfully it was a calm evening without a lot of wind to stir up the river.