Wedding - Sheridan Style

Probably the most nervous time for a newly wed couple comes during the Father of the Bride's toast - you can see it on the eyes of these two lovebirds!

Jessica (my niece) and Jarod were married last Saturday in Sheridan, Wyoming. I took this picture as Jessica's dad was giving his toast to the new couple. See the nervousness in Jarod's eyes? Maybe it was because Dad was telling the story of the first time Jessica wrecked a car ... at age 3!

I like the look of the couple's eyes, both focused on the dad giving the toast.  I was quite a few feet away, but my flashed worked well.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get high enough to be over the hair of the bridesmaid on the lower part of the picture, but the hair doesn't impact the picture much at all.  I took a number of candids during the reception and found the lighting and distance makes a big difference.  The real wedding photographer, who does about 30 weddings a year, had a nice bounce contraption on his flash that looked like it would work well - another toy for another day.

I tried a few lenses during the reception, but ended up using my 18-200mm lens most of the time.  I couldn't get close enough with the shorter lenses. On this picture, I had the lens zoomed out all the way to 200mm.  I was lucky the house lights were turned up for the toasts, I would never have gotten this picture, even with my flash, had the lights been down low. I used the flash, the shutter speed was 1/60 second, the aperture as f7.1, and the ISO was 800.

Sheridan is by the Bozeman Trail in Wyoming and I got a chance to take some nice mountain range shots that I am working on.  It was cold, but relatively clear out, so it will be good to see how those shots turned out.

Here are some more reception shots: