Downy Woodpecker

When I am not shooting sports, I spend some time shooting the birds around the feeders and trees at our house.  We put up feeders last year and we get a variety of birds showing up at various times of the day.  I positioned one of the feeders just a few feet outside a window so I have a clear shot from close range of the birds.

Even at close range, I use the biggest lens I have, a 300mm fixed lens, to shoot the birds. That seems to be a bit of an overkill, but I like the effect of the bird full frame in the camera. I certainly get better detail with the big lens.

We have a Nebraska bird book that helps me identify the birds outside the window.  This one looks to be a Downy Woodpecker as best I can tell.  I have seen a couple out species of woodpeckers on the feeders.  We used to have the woodpeckers peck against the metal on our chimney, so having the on the feeder actually quiets the house!

Here are a couple more shots: