Neighborhood Bear Family

Imagine our surprise driving in the neighborhood a while back and seeing a bear family in the front yard just a couple blocks from home!

Actually, the story goes back a few days earlier when we drove by the house and saw three pine trees cut down, but the stumps were not only left in the ground, they extended a few feet in the air.  We couldn't figure out why the tree cutter had not cut the stumps to at least ground level ... until the bear family arrived a few days later.

I am not sure I would think about carving bear images out of tree stumps, and even if I did, I doubt I would follow through with those thoughts, but our neighbors did.  When I stopped to capture these pictures, the home owner came outside and we talked about the bears.  She had seen some stumps turned into sculptures at a home and garden show, took the artist's name down, and then had him come out and create the bear family when she had the trees cut down.  The "custom carver" as the artist likes to call himself, comes from Royal, Nebraska.  He claims to have quite a following, and from what the home owner told me, she is getting a lot of people stopping by asking questions.

Here are individual shots of the family: