Back to the Birds

It is Fall and the mix of birds in our back yard is changing, almost by the day.  Migrating birds are stopping by for a feeding and some others are hunkering down for the winter.  We still get a lot of activity at this feeder located outside a window in our away room.  What I don't usually see is two different types of birds feeding at the same time on the same feeder, like I captured in this photo.

We have two cardinals, a male and female, that show up every day.  We have a lot of sparrows.  I walked out on our deck and watched five sparrows fly out of the native grasses and a half dozen more come out from amoungst the aster plants. These two birds don't seem to mind each other and show they like the safflower seeds I put in the feeder!

The difficultly with the shots of birds on this feeder is that only one side (the right) faces the sun and the left side is shaded.  I had to touch up the photo lightening up the picture just a little bit.

I shot the photo with my D90 body and the 18-200mm lens pushed all the way out to 200mm.  The ISO was at 200, the aperture was f/5.6, and the shutter fired at 1/320 seconds.