Fall(?) Colors

Isn't fall a wonderful time of the year when the colors on the trees begin to change?  We don't have quite the foliage contracts in Nebraska that we had growing up in New Hampshire, but we do get some seasonal change in the leaves.

To add a little pop to some fall photos, I tested out some High Dynamic Range imaging. I have used it and written about it before, but I decided to use it today to add just that little tweak to some photos I took at Cancer Survivor Park just down the street.  Below, there are three before HDR and after HDR examples so you can see the difference.

There was not much special about the photos. I took them with my D90 and the 18-200mm lens on the Program setting. This photo was taken with the lens at 27mm, the ISO was set to 200, the aperture was f/10.0 and the shutter fired at 1/400 seconds.

There is much debate in the photo industry regarding the use of HDR in photography.  The purists hate the souped up touch of the photography, but others use it, way too much.  What isn't debated is that people who view photos for the most part like the effect.

Check out the before and after below.