Fall Barn Scene

Every once in a while, I get lucky!

Take this shot, for example.  A group of us at work that all take pictures decided to focus on "barns" for a topic for November.  Now, in Nebraska, there are a lot of barns, you just have to venture off the back roads sometimes to find them.

I wanted a picture of a barn in the field without anything else around it. No trees. No equipment. No nothing, just the barn.

I traveled around a bit, driving west from our plant and then north on some dirt roads, and then I saw this barn standing by itself in the middle of the field. Even better, it sat back away from the road and the corn was still in the field (we had a late harvest this year.)  I stopped and took some pictures from the road, and then on the car to get a bit more height.  I wanted the colors of the field to come through and I wanted the color of the barn to really come through.  Bingo, it turned out to be one of my favorites for the year!

There wasn't too much to do with the picture, other than some cropping.

Technicals: Lens - 18-200mm, ISO - 200, focal - 105mm, shutter - 1/400 second.