What is Bill holding?


That's the question I am getting, what is Bill holding in your Christmas card picture?

Believe it or not, there is a story behind that! 

A few years ago, Betsy, Bill and Bob were so excited about a present for me.  They talked weeks about the gift I would receive.  The big day arrived, and the boys hauled something wrapped in a sheet from the back of their car.  From the looks on the faces, I knew I was in for something special(?). They "unwrapped" the gift and there was Arnie.

They found this concrete statute at a garage sale and knew I just needed to have another golfer in the house - look closely, the statute is standing next to a set of golf clubs. You just had to laugh at the imagination and creativity, if not at the statute itself.  We named him Arnie after the golfer, Arnold Palmer - the real Arnie would be so proud.

Ever since that day, Arnie has had a prominent place by our fireplace. When we took the picture, rather than just have a traditional, everybody stand next to each other picture, we decided to spice up the picture. Micah and Bob picked up our Nebraska plaque, Betsy put on the hat, and Bill picked up Arnie.

By the way, from a photography standpoint, I messed up slightly.  Notice the tree "growing" from Micah's head.  That's a no no I should have caught.  Quite often you will take a good picture and later find a tree or pole or some other structure that was behind the subject when the picture was taken.  You can sometimes edit the structure out, if you catch it before it is printed.  This time, I missed it.

Oh, and for people wanting to see a picture of MB and me? Here you go: