Christmas Pictures, minus one

What to do what you want to take family pictures, and one member doesn't show up.  Usually, trying to get our family scheduled together for an occasion is harder than solving caculus problems, but I thought I had it solved on Thanksgiving.  Low and behold, one member was sick and didn't even make it out of bed the entire day.

My daughter suggested we take pictures anyway. Mind you, we had already tried a couple family shots on a fun afternoon that resulted in these two gems:




We decided to do what we could with only three people ... and an image of the fourth!  We had an old (very old) picture in a frame and decided to take pictures anyway.  While these won't make any Hall of Fame, or even a Christmas card photo, you can see we had some fun anyway.



 Next likely time for a family shot, two weeks.  Let's see if we pull that one off with more success!