Jayson and Alumni

The ninth annual Jayson Jewell Memorial baseball game was changed up a little bit this year from being a game on the American Legion summer schedule to an Alumni game between the current PI Midwest team and a team comprised of alumni (former) players.

Team photo prior to the "contest"

Team photo prior to the "contest"

Prior to the game, the Jayson Jewell Award was presented by Jeff and Terri to this year's winner, Mike Emodi.  Jeff and Terri were joined by five of the previous eight winners.

Mike Emodi receives the Jayson Jewell Award from Jeff and Terri Jewell

Mike Emodi receives the Jayson Jewell Award from Jeff and Terri Jewell

The senior players on the team were introduced and honored before the game. A gallery of the Seniors and their parents can be found at this link:

Larry Good and his wife,  Shirley, were also honored for their fifteen years of support to the Creighton Prep summer American Legion team.

Larry and Shirley Good, along with PI Midwest head coach Pat Mooney

Larry and Shirley Good, along with PI Midwest head coach Pat Mooney

As for the alumni game that followed, we will just comment that the game included everything from good play in the field,  rubber armed pitchers, decent play in the field, shenanigans on the base paths, poor play in the field, and lots of runs scored that all likely resulted in tired and achy bodies of the alumni players today.

A gallery of photos from the game can be found on this link:


Warren Walk

I have covered the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting for a number of years.  Actually, we cover only what I call the Warren Walk, those 45 minutes before the annual meeting begin (which we are not allowed to cover) where Warren Buffett walks around the exhibition hall surrounded by literally hundreds of media and adoring fans.  As part of the media, my job is to try to get an image of Warren.  

I compare the Warren Walk to a combination of these three sport images; getting the handshake of the opposing coaches at midfield after a football game, getting a close image of the dog pile in baseball after the championship game, and getting a good close image of the Gatorade bath without getting too wet.  Here is what the group around Warren looks like from a distance.

So, after it is all done, here are some other images from the morning.

Kids Can ... smile and have fun!

I was contracted to take photos this week at the Kids Can Community Center annual luncheon.  On the assigned list of photos the group wanted taken was one of the Kids Can children in front of the two banners by the reception hall. Even with three helpers (who knew the children), getting the children together ... in one place ... at one time ... was like herding cats.


Once we had them together, having them focus on the photographer (me) was almost impossible until I stood on a chair, looked down on them. and told them to have FUN!

The resulting photos was a keeper.

Beachball Madness

What do the bleacher fans do during a 1-0 baseball game?  At the College World Series, they take to bouncing beach balls around.  The fans buy the beach balls outside the ball park, sneak them in their cargo pants, blow them up during the inning, and then fill the air between innings during the TV break.  So, if you are watching at home, you miss the action in the bleachers.  The number of beach balls is down this year as the stadium staff is being more aggressive in their actions to stop the 'Madness." But, it looks to be all in good fun, and gives us something to take photos of during the long TV breaks in the game.

College Spelling Lessons

The photo room was abuzz on day one of the College World Series when one of the newspapers' photographers said he was headed out to take a photo of the third base dugout where apparently the word College was spelled incorrectly.  Soon, all of us headed out to see and sure enough, someone had spelled College with three L's.  Very embarrassing for the NCAA, that's for sure.  Within a few hours, photos were all over the internet world and the topic was trending on Twitter for a short while.  My photo make ZUMA's photos of the day gallery and they used it to lead off the sports section for a while.

As you might expect, the next morning, the dugout was changed.  Someone did some quick overnight work.

Run the bases

Run the bases at Rosenblatt Stadium, well, kind of.

The old Rosenblatt Stadium has been taken over by the Omaha Zoo and is now a parking lot (just like in the song), but the zoo did do something nice.  The built a tiny replica stadium where the old stadium used to be.  Home plate is in the same spot as when the stadium existed, actual seats line the outfield, and the field has 60 foot basepaths that kids (and adults) can run on their way to or from the zoo. On this overcast day, there were always people around this spot in the parking area.  The zoo did a nice job keeping something from the past alive today.  Here are a couple more photos.

Color me Orange

I have shot this event two years in a row, and I still don't know why anyone runs this race.  The Color Run, where over 8,000 people ran/walked over three miles and were doused with colored corn startch at four locations - and they paid money to enter.  It makes for a nice photography opportunity as long are you  are not down wind so the corn starch doesn't get on your gear.  After this event, I don't know what would be harder for these people, cleaning the hair, cleaning the baby, or cleaning the stroller.

Sunset at TD Ameritrade

At an otherwise unexciting baseball game the other day, I captured this wide angle image of TD Ameritrade Park during the sunset.  There we two other photographers right next to me taking the same image at the same time.  One turned up as a back page poster image in the local paper.  Mine - who knows, it might just make a calendar image some day!

Celebrity photo

I was at the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting this past weekend.  Unlike most corporate annual meeting where only a few shareholders attend, Berkshire gets over 30,000 shareholders attending each year in what has turned into something of a lovefest.  The CenturyLink Center in Omaha is filled to capacity for the meeting, and over 200,000 square feet of exhibition space is used for Berkshire companies to show and sell their stuff to shareholders.  

In this photo Ndamukong Suh, a football player who played at Nebraska and who is now with the Detroit Lions, is throwing a newspaper (company owned by Berkshire) onto a porch of home built by Clayton Homes (company owned by Berkshire) to win a Dairy Queen Dilly Bar (yes, you guess it, a company owned by Berkshire).  Notice in the background are Warren Buffett, Bill Gates (a Berkshire board member) and even former SI swimsuit model Kathy Ireland.

I stood there a while as various people attempted to throw papers onto the porch.  Yes, a few went offline and smack me.  The price you pay for the shot.

Westward travels

We travelled to the Western part of Nebraska last weekend for a family event, and that means we drove through the Sandhills of Nebraska.  We had a picturesque day of travels with a nice sky, puffy clouds, and a bit of snow still in the hills, but also some green from spring coming through.  The lines through the frame are the Burlington Northern train tracks.  We had not travelled this route for three years and we missed scenes like these.

Swinging Through the Ball

Every head a baseball announcer say "It looks like he swung though that pitch?"  I guess this is what he had in mind.  Somehow I captured the ball appearing to be right behind the bat as the batter swung an missed.  The batter probably doesn't want to see this picture.

Backyard photos

I travel for miles at various times of the day and wait for hours sometimes to get a photo to come out the way I want it to.  And sometime, the best photos are in my backyard 15 feet from my back door.  These two American Goldfinches have been hanging around for a few days, and one day last week, with the sun just right on the feeder, and with a clean background, these two shared the same feeder.  Voila, a really nice picture taken from the warmth of my house through my window.  

Springtime (?)

Spring  began last week, and last weekend it snow!  We are all tired of the long and cold winter we have been having since the beginning of the year.  I saw some spring crocuses begin to break through the ground a couple weeks ago, which tells me it is time for spring.  They will be hardy enough to withstand the cold, but as for us people?  A warmup might in the seven-day forecast.  Maybe photos of spring flowers are not too far away.

Sandhill Cranes

I went on a three day photo tour of the Sandhill Cranes in central Nebraska.  I have lived in Nebraska for over thirty years and have heard about the migration of the cranes, but always was a bit sceptical about the reports that over 500,000 cranes stay in a 30 mile area for a few weeks during their migration.  Not any more after watching the cranes fly into the river to nest overnight and fly out in the morning.  Words can't describe the experience, but maybe this photo does.

Feeding Frenzy

When everything around shouts "Spring" and Mother Natures changes a weekend of flurries into six to eight inches of snow - blah!

Our birds didn't know what to do in the middle of this storm, but we had our feeders out and our camera ready.  The birds absolutely pounded our feeders all during the strom, at least until the feeders freezed over and had to come inside to thaw out.  Too bad we couldn't do that to the birds.

Spring will be back soon enough.

Senior Night

Creighton finished off its home basketball season with a win over Wichita State Saturday.  Following the game, the Seniors on the team were honored by the university with framed jerseys and were given on opportunity to speak to the fans.  Here, Josh Jones, a player whose year was cut short with a career ending heart condition talks to the fans.

I put my camera on the floor and pointed to Josh and snapped the photo.  I liked the way the photo turned out.

Who is the more crazy?

Is it more crazy to run into a frozen lake (for the benefit of a the Nebraska Special Olympics) or to stand by that same lake in sub-freezing temperature for an hour to snap photos. To begin with, I thought I was the more sane of the two groups, but after a while (and getting splashed by participants running out of the water), I am not too sure.

This brave group was from the Douglas County Corrections staff and wore prison jump suits as they dashed into the frozen water.

Close, but ...

We had outdoor hockey this past week in Omaha.  Two games, one between  a couple semi-pro teams, the second between two ranked college teams.  My plan was to take this photo, with the skyline, the seats filled, and players on the ice.  What happened?  Well, as the east coast and Rockies were experiencing blizzard conditions, we had warm, sunny weather that melted the ice and delayed the game start time by two hours.  And, whereas the past couple days we had wonderful color at sunset, this day had cloud cover.  So, at the appropriate time, I got empty stands, a Zamboni on the ice, and not much of a sunset.

Maybe next year. 

Taking a Spin

Omaha hosted the US Figure Skating Championships last week and I had an opportunity to shoot some of the finest skaters in the country.  The sport might not be as popular as it once was, but the talent was top-notch even if the skaters are not household names.  

I found shooting images of the pairs skaters to be more interesting than of the individual skaters, so I ended up liking this image amoung all the images I took over five days.